Agony as Marathon Runners miss bus to starting line

We train for months to get in shape for a marathon and nothing can be worse for a runner than some how failing  to get to the starting line.  It could be you overslept on the morning of the marathon or you missed the bus to the starting line.

I have just read this story of 400 runners who failed to start Seafair marathon.  According to a Seatle News Website, “About 400 runners, including some who organizers say spent months training for Sunday’s Seafair Marathon, missed shuttle buses to the starting line and didn’t start the race, due to a transportation problem.”

The problem occurred when more people than expected arrived. The extra people were friends and family.  When you are paying $100 registration fee who wouldn’t bring friends and family?

The organisers are dealing with the issue “I know training for a marathon is a lot of work,” said Wartelle, Seafair spokesman, who ran the Seattle Marathon in 1999 and 2000. “The first thing we’re going to do is contact all the people by e-mail. We’re determined to make them happy.”

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