25K marathon With a Prize to be an Astronaut

Last week I heard on CNN that South Korea have announced that a woman will become its first  astronaut. Yi So-yeon, 29, was selected after the Russian space authorities accused the South Korean man who was initially chosen for the mission of breaking training rules.

The astronaut she replaced, Ko San, 30, a computer engineer, was selected for the mission in August after beating 36,000 contestants in a nationwide government competition televised like American Idols in which almost any South Korean with an half a brain could apply.

As part of the selection process the wannabe astronauts ran a 25 K marathon where only the top 500 finishers proceeded to the next round.

The purpose of the marathon run was to test the candidates physical endurance. A pair of good lungs, a big heart and fast legs was what was required to qualify into the next elimination round, a return to basics of sitting written exam.

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