2012 Boston Marathon Commemorative Beer

Beer and running never go hand in hand but there is a world wide running club of runners called Harriers who have combined running and boozing for decades. Now booze is being brought to 2012 Boston marathon. The Boston Beer Company is partnering with the Boston Athletic Association in creating a commemorative beer for the 2012 Boston Marathon, the brewery announced on Tuesday.

The newly minted brew is called Samuel Adams Boston 26.2 Brew. It will be sold only in kegs, according to a post a few days ago on mybeerbuzz.com.

The Boston Beer Company’s marathon concoction will have a slightly lower alcohol level and lighter body than most other Sam Adams beers. It’s made with Coriander and SALT (presumably to restore your electrolytes after a long run.)

The number 26.2 refers to the number of miles in a marathon, not the new beverage’s alcohol content. Boston Beer Co. is using the phrase Boston 26.2 as part of a partnership with the Boston Marathon’s nonprofit producer, the Boston Athletic Association.

Should runners expect beer + Gatorade at water points at this year’s Boston marathon?

It will be available at race-related events as well as “select pubs and restaurants along the marathon route and around Boston,” the company said in a news release emailed to news media, Tuesday. The drink will be available to spectators and any slow runners who will not mind a stop over in “select pubs and restaurants along the marathon route and around Boston,”

The 2012 Boston Marathon is scheduled to take place Monday, April 16.

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