$125: Registration Fee For Chicago Marathon

So you want to register and run Chicago marathon, then you better be ready to pay a hefty $125.

Inflation has affected marathons, just like everything else in life.

For an answer on how the $125 is spent, Mark Remy of Runners world magazine had a funny fictional interview with Kenneth D. Lewis, Bank of America’s chairman, president and CEO, the sponsors of Chicago Marathon.

This part of the interview made me shed tears of laughter

Where does that $125 entry fee go, exactly?
Ah. Well… We offer beverages along the route, you know. Water and… uh… sporty concoctions and such. Scotch and soda as well, I believe. That adds up.

OK, aid stations. What else?
Those gaily colored placards. The ones pinned to one’s running uniform.

Bib numbers?
Precisely. Those don’t come cheap, either. And let’s not forget the safety pins. If you think each participant takes just four, you are badly mistaken.

So far this isn’t adding up to 125 bucks.
Of course it isn’t. Because we haven’t yet talked about the race shirts. They’re made by Armani. And by “made by Armani,” I mean that Mr. Giorgio Armani himself makes them. By hand. The man is 74 years old, so this takes time. And time is money.”

Have a funny day

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