Picture Of Yohan Blake $500,000 Most Expensive Sports Watch

The latest reports from 2012 London Games is Jamaican sprinter Yohan Blake is wearing a $500,000 wrist watch. This is not your usually Garmin GPS running watch but A custom, $500,000 watch made by designer Richard Mille. That price tag makes it the most expensive sports watch.

As reported by Britain’s TNT Magazine and a handful of other English sources, the watch, which you can see in the picture/photo below, is a customized sports watch in the green and yellow colorway of the Jamaican flag. Officially, the timepiece is called a Richard Mille Tourbillion watch, and the one-of-a-kind piece of functional jewelry was designed specifically for Blake to wear at the Games.

Richard Mille : Picture and Photo Of Yohan Blake $500,000 Most Expensive Sports Watch

Richard Mille Tourbillion Watch

This half million dollar watch is already causing a stir. According to Yahoo news, the IOC is not happy. The watch is in violation of IOC rules that bar athletes from wearign gearing that is not part of national apparel.

Similarly, if athletes use a piece of equipment that isn’t strictly clothing, they are required to use the official sponsor of the Olympics in that category. Omega is the official watch of Olympics.

If the IOC decides to crack the whip on Blake, the guy could get a hefty penalty. I don’t think they will snatch his silver medal from 100m but they could slap him with a hefty fine.

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