Best Headphones For Running

The number quality of a good headphone for running is comfort. Runners take this for granted until they get an uncomfortable pair of headphones. Then they see the truth that ear comfort is absolutely important in headphones when out running or just jogging.

Some Of Popular headphones for running / Jogging

A lot of runners gravitate towards over-the-ear style headphones like the UltraFit collection from Polk Audio (Starting at $40; Yahoo! Shopping) and Yurbuds’s Ironman Endure ($29.99, This style helps keep the ear buds in place.

The Sennheiser sport neckband headphones ($59.99, received rave reviews on fit, durability and ease of wear on a few running discussion forums I occasionally read for advice.

Running Headphones are best placed over your ears

Avoid the type of headphones where you insert a little plug in your ears. Unless you get them tailor made specifically for your ear, these are extremely unhealthy and will probably give you ear cancer. A good brand are the flat, blinged-out jazz buds earbuds (meaning they are placed over, not in, the ear canal) from BodyRock Sport ($16,

Important traits to look for in comfy headphones.

  • The “size” should be adjustable, usually by pulling down on the ear pieces.
  • The headphones should be light weight.

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