Stanchart Nairobi Marathon : Training Week 16

The last two weeks have been frustrating, a nagging achilles tendonitis had refused to heal.

It started as a small pain, I swiftly applied heat but it got bad then I tried an anti-inflammation cream, after one week the Achilles got worse, I was limping! I stopped the medication and tried Ice, although I knew I might be late, most experts think it is useless to use ice after 48 hours.

But the ice seemed to work because the pain started to go away. After two weeks of no running I got back to my love. Last week I did three days of running. On Wednesday, a 5 k run around a grass track, followed the next day by a 2K trail run inside a private ranch. I had hoped running on those soft surfaces would give me a soft landing but I was wrong. After the trail run I felt a bad reaction, my Achilles felt painful. I took a pain killer and took two days rest.

On Sunday everything felt fine, so I did a 16 K run on road. I ran most of the distance comfortably but I could feel a slight pain near the end. I finished the run without any serious reaction and am confident but hopeful the injury is behind me.

2 thoughts on “Stanchart Nairobi Marathon : Training Week 16

  1. Nairobian Perspective

    wish you all the best, will you go the half race or the full race?seems you are really getting prepared for the event, sorry for the injury and all the best!
    FROM CONSTANTINE : Am going for the full marathon, my target this year is to finish under 2hrs 45min. Thanks for the wishes

  2. Jacob

    Pole for the injuries. You should have posted your training plan for people like me though. 2:45 means you do the half at about 1:20?! You the man.
    Get well soon. You learn something every year.


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