Beijing Olympics : Missing Stars and Pranksters From Athens Games

Time has wings! its feels like yesterday we were watching Athens 2004 Olympics and now Beijing Summer Olympics is just about to get underway.

Some athletes from Athens Games have not survived to make it to Beijing Summer Olympics. I will miss the following star athletes who made Athens Olympics memorable

1) Tears streamed down El Guerrouj’s cheeks when he finally managed to crown his glorious middle-distance career with Olympic gold in the 1500m.

2) It was the smile of Athens Olympics! 34 year old Kelly Holmes’ clinched double gold in the 800m and 1500m

3) Ian Thorpe, The Aussie pool shark. It’s hard to believe he is only 26 but retired!


1) The Canadian prankster who disrupted the Diving final. He got his five minutes of fame plus five months in jail.

2) Brazilian De Lima was leading the marathon when this happened! He finished second and said: “If it were not for that lunatic, I am sure I would have won the gold.

All Great pictures courtesy of BBC News

Am looking forward to highs and lows of Beijing Summer Olympics. Are you ready?

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