Zone Diet Helps World Heaviest Man Lose Weight

One formula for losing weight is to do jogging, but I cant recommend running for the world heaviest man because he cant even walk.

Being Obese hasn’t stopped Manuel attracting babes to his side

Mexican, Manuel Uribe holds the Guinness World Record of the World Fattest/Heaviest Man..Ouch! The 42 year old has been bedridden since 2001 and lives at home with his mom, who also happens to be Obese. His wife left him after she couldn’t handle the burden of looking after him……. Love your mum because she is the only person who will help you even when everyone runs away from you. He has been dating 100 pound ‘Claudia’ since 2006.

Looking at Manuels weight progression, I see he was born just like any other baby, weighing 2.7Kgs.His weight sky rocketed when he went to work as a computer repairman in Dallas, Texas. Its scary what a diet of Pizzas, burgers, French fries, and fizzy drinks can do to man.

At his peak Manuel weighed 560 kg (thats a half ton truck). In March 2007, Uribe decided to do something about his weight, he set a goal to lower his weight to 120 kg. He has been eating fruits, vegetable, fish, chicken and omelets. He rejected free offers of a gastric bypass, insisting he wanted to lose weight through healthy eating. Its working because in the last one year he has lost 258Kgs.

Manuel Secret  Diet

He has been a follower of a controversial Zone diet promoted by a Doctor Barry Sears. Although Sears diet has been criticized by his peers, Tiger Woods and Tom Cruise are believed to have followed the Zone diet. Manuel success might just be THE ULTIMATE SEAL OF APPROVAL for the Zone diet.

I wish Manuel  all the best in achieving his goal. I believe with his determination one day we will  see him running. To everyone making effort to lose weight, like they say in Mexico. “Si, se puede”

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