When to Get Back Running After Pregnancy

I checked the leader board of 2008 City of Los Angeles Marathon, women event, and noticed the number one and number three had recently given Birth.

The winner, 28 Year old Tatiana Aryasova of Russia is a mother of 26 month old baby. Third place finisher, Jacqueline Nytipei of Kenya, she is a mother of a 8 months old baby.

Many female runners have always wondered when should they get back to running after giving birth? Looking at the above times, waiting to get back to running until your baby is two years old its a long time to postpone your running hobby. Jackline Nytipei had previously run a half marathon 6 weeks prior to running City of Los Angeles Marathon.

When Paula Radcliffe won 2007 New York Marathon her baby Isla was 10 months old.

No woman is similar to another so I cant give all women the same time, the decision when to get back running after pregnancy will depend on how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally. If it feels right then its the right time.

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