Tips For Training To Run ING New York Marathon

If you are training to run New York  marathon you should keep in mind the following marathon training principles:

When to start training for New York marathon

The early you start your marathon training the better. 4 months prior to the marathon is a good idea. Training early has advantages, you get enough time to train and most importantly you have time to recover from inevitable running injuries.

The 10% rule of marathon training.

Never increase your weekly mileage, by more than 10 percent a week. If you do you will drastically increase the risk of running injury.

The long runs for New York  marathon

The long runs can be up to 20-23 miles (for the experienced runner) for the inexperienced runner this can be 5 – 15 miles depending on your level of experience. The long run should be done at least once a week.

Easy weeks

We love going  full speed on our training but it is a good Idea to slow things down between your training weeks. This will allow you to stay fresh as you build on your overall workload.


Taking a complete break from running is as important as running itself. Two to three days of complete rest will allow you body to recover from the stress of marathon running. Don’t take a long rest as you will lose all the gains from your training.

Hydration for New York marathon

Keep drinking enough water. Water helps in preventing running injuries.

Nutrition for New York marathon

Eating the right foods is important! You need to eat plenty of carbohydrates to give you energy. Eating foods rich in protein will help your body repair small tears that happen during training.

Taper for New York  marathon

Avoid over training by reducing your weekly mileage during the final two weeks before New York marathon. This will ensure you arrive at the starting line feeling fresh and energised.

Good luck!!

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