The Official Qualifying Times For Boston marathon

Boston marathon with its four hills and at times brutal weather I find it understandable why Boston Athletics Association demands qualifying time for aspiring runners.

Qualifying times for the Boston Marathon vary by the prospective runner’s sex and age group.


AGE GROUP                  MEN                WOMEN
18-34                           3hrs 10min           3hrs 40min
35-39                           3hrs 15min           3hrs 45min
40-44                           3hrs 20min          3hrs 50min
45-49                           3hrs 30min          4hrs 00min
50-54                           3hrs 35min          4hrs 05min
55-59                           3hrs 45min           4hrs 15min
60-64                           4hrs 00min          4hrs 30min
65-69                           4hrs 15min           4hrs 45min
70-74                           4hrs 30min           5hrs 00min
75-79                           4hrs 45min           5hrs 15min
80 and over                5hrs 00min           5hrs 30min

My personal best is 3 hrs 6min set at 2007 Nairobi Marathon, that qualifies me for the race.

To qualify you have to run in approved races that adhere to rules of IAAF. You application must be accompanied with proof of qualification

How to dodge qualification for Boston Marathon

They say rules are there to be broken, if you feel the qualification yardstick it to high for you. One way you can go around it is to be a sponsor. Exceptions to the qualification requirement is the 1,250 places awarded runners who can raise sponsorship. But dont get too excited about this underground route because you need to raise a pre-determined level of sponsorship. Whichever route you take, there is no running awy from work hard.


4 thoughts on “The Official Qualifying Times For Boston marathon

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  3. Olga

    Is the qualifying age, the age of the Boston Marathon? ie if age 49 with qualifying race but 50 at time of Boston, do we go with 50 years?

  4. Annette Hebet

    Hi, I just ran the Fargo Maratahon on Saturday, May 9th. My time was 4:11:43. I am female, and age 56.
    I was looking on line, and is the new qualifiying time for my age 4:15?
    If so, that would be so great, as I wanted to register for the 2016 Boston Marathon.
    Please confirm.
    Thank you.


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