StanChart Nairobi Marathon 2008: Run: Register: Have Fun

The 2008 Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon is on Sunday 26 October 2008. Keeping to tradition, the marathon is on the last Sunday in October. This year will be my third race and I have trained with an intention to finish the 42K in under 3 hour.


Online applications can be done at the official Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon site

What’s Different in 2008

The organizers have decided to separate the routes of the half marathon and the full marathon.  This will be a big disappointment to the slow runners in the 42K, they will have less company on the road.

Medals and Certificates

Getting a finisher’s medal at the end of a marathon is a big deal for many runners, but in 2006, my friend who was running the half marathon didn’t get a medal because the organizers ran out of medals. In 2007 many runners in the half marathon did not get medals because they did not register official time, due to organization chaos, some runners were misdirected near the end and their championship chip did not register at the last check point.

Some Gatorade please?

Water is fine to quench thirst but runners also need fuel. Can the organisers please provide us with some gatorade.

Carbon Loading Dinner and after race pasta party

If you look at marathon races around the world, parties have become part and parcel of the marathon. It’s about time the organizers added this two events as part of the race.  It would be nice to have an opportunity to bond with fellow runners.

Good luck to every runner out there. Hope to meet you all on 26 October 2008.

4 thoughts on “StanChart Nairobi Marathon 2008: Run: Register: Have Fun

  1. james

    hi people i have a good photo that i took on last years marathon and i was thinking that it can be a good advert for the marathon compaign in nairobi.

  2. apoto


    just arrived in Nairobi and looking for a place for running, kind of park or similar. i live around Lenana Road. Any suggestion please? i’m looking forward to keep my training.

    Thanks in advance!


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