Run Faster By Running Less

The goal of every runner is to run faster, the conventional advise on how to achieve that is clock hundreds of miles per week. A new breed of running coach is challenging that by saying you can run faster by running less.

According to Peter Lavelle, a certified personal trainer and co-founder of Boston-based Ultimate Bootcamp, runners should not run every other day. He talks of mixing up things:

Taking Active Rest Days During Marathon Training.

Some marathoners get by on just one long run and another shorter run per week, he said, by mixing in other workouts like swimming, circuit training with weights, spinning, or, heck, even Zumba. “It’s good to mix it up,” said Lavelle. “Cross training leads to less injury and lets you work out harder between runs by working different muscle groups.” This, in theory, can help runners cut minutes from their marathon times. From Boston Globe article.

Lavelle, claims his Boston Marathon time decreased from 3:53 down to 3:29 after began running less. He operates a boot camp which in addition to running, consist of jumping rope, step-ups on park benches, stair-climbing at T-stations, lunges, squats, push-ups and other exercises straight from military basic training.

Remember, Rest is just as vital as running when it comes to increasing marathon performance.

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