Register To Run 2011 Paris Marathon : Enter 2011 Paris Marathon

The Paris Marathon is one of the prestigious marathon races in Europe. Registration for the 2011 race will open around September 2010. The race has 40,000 slots. The rule is first come first served. Last year the race opened in September and it was all sold out by end of November.

2011 Paris Marathon Dates.

2011 Paris marathon will be on 11 April 2011.

Registration 2011 Paris Marathon

Registration for 2011 Paris marathon will be done online. Payment of registration fee is also done online.

Doctors medical report

Paris marathon require a medical certificate signed by doctor proving you are in good condition to run and finish a  26 mile marathon

Book a Starting zone

The starting zone just after elite runners is reserved for sub 3.15 runners who provide proof of previous race results obtained within the last two years. For this fast runners the registration must be done via post mail.

To Register visit the official paris marathon website

8 thoughts on “Register To Run 2011 Paris Marathon : Enter 2011 Paris Marathon

  1. Karin Kramer

    I have been trying to register for the 2011 marathon but the registration link on the website is not active. How do I register? Thank you.

    FROM CONSTANTINE : The registration might have closed

  2. Sunara Agee

    Im also trying to register for the Paris 2011 1/2 marathon. I think that registrations are not open yet as all on their web site is 2010 related. I think I read somewhere that registrations open in Sept. I live in Australia so dont want to miss out as Im doing this for my 40th bday! If anyone knows how to register now please let me know.
    Cheers, Sunara

    FROM CONSTANTINE: I have made the correction on when the race opens. Thanks Sunara for the correction.

  3. Niklas Gusting

    Do I have to show a medical report before I pay, or is it enough to show the report when I get my bib-number?
    Is the bib-number the same thing as the number your wear on the chest?

    FROM CONSTANTINE : The exact details on how to send in your medical report are in Paris marathon website, Just follow the link I have given. Yes! The BIB number is the same thing as the number you wear on the chest.

  4. Karen

    Hello – I’m confused! I’m also trying to register for 2011. I received an email saying registration was open, but I still can’t see how to register on the site (which still has the details of the 2010 marathon on). It doesn’t look to me that registration is open yet, and I can’t see a date as to when it does open. Do you know when I will be able to register? Many thanks.

  5. nadew

    I am interested to run paris marathon in 2011., but i want to know where i can get a hotel and flight accomidaction,. do suggest any travel agency.

  6. solange

    ola..em todo calendrio que olho 11 de abril e segunda em 2011 …sera que estou enganada?? e essa mesma a data??
    obrigada…para 2011 não sera no dia 10 de abril??

  7. Renata Ciliberto

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