Overcoming Your Running Fears

Last week I suffered from food poisoning  and the whole week I struggled with stomach pain. When I woke up yesterday morning the question was to run or not to run. I wasn’t feeling any stomach pain but I had this fear that I might suffer a severe stomach pain while I was out running.

But a Sunday is never a Sunday if I don’t go for my long run. As I was putting on my trainers when I remembered how Paula Radcliffe stopped to pee at London marathon. Paula later blamed the pee incident on pre race pasta meal that was causing her stomach pains. Would I suffer a similar embarrassing fate?

Overexertion causes stomach cramps, so I decided to take things easy. That decision not to overdo the run seemed to have been right because the whole 21k run went uneventful.

Looking back it would have been very easy for me to put off the run for fear of suffering a stomach pain  but as they say “the only thing to fear is fear.”

Have a fearless week

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