Obstacles of Taking Olympic Torch up Mt. Everest

As the Chinese  Olympic organisers  prepare to take the Olympic torch to the top of Mt. Everest, the media is focusing on the effect of altitude on the flame and forgetting how the runners carrying the Olympic torch will be affected.

Last year The times newspaper of UK ran a story on Angela Mudge who won last year Mt. Everest marathon, claiming “Angela Mudge is the queen of racing at altitude  a sport that is so demanding that few can even begin to  imagine what is involved.”

Lucky to make it to the starting line of Mt. Everest Marathon

To understand how tough Mt. Everest marathon is, the article says “During the long trek to the start , near Everest base camp, about 80% of runners suffered diarhoea, altitude sickness, deep vein thrombosis, reduced lung capacity and chest infections.” That was even before the marathon proper begun!

The runners will endure temperatures veering between minus 20C (minus 4F) and 20C (68F).

At a normal marathon we find water points at every three miles but at everest runners find a doctor who checks for  effects of altitude sickness.

Its either the runners suffer a burn out or the Olympic torch flame burns out.


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