My Training Plan For 2008 StanChart Nairobi Marathon

My goal this year is to run 2008 Nairobi Full marathon in Under three hours. In 2006 my time was 3 hours 26 minutes and in 2007 my time was 3 hours 6 minutes. My target for 2008, 42K marathon is 2 hours 45 minutes. That will be a minute better than Lance Armstrong time of 2.46 (2007 New York marathon)

Statistics for 2007 marathon running in the USA indicated that, out of the 450,000 26mile marathon finishers only 6,000 were able to finish the marathon in under 3 hours. To join that exclusive group of under 3 hours finishers you need to punish your body hard enough!

3 Months Marathon Training Plan.

Standard Chartered Nairobi marathon is on the last weekend in October and for the next three months I will embark on intensive marathon training. For the last 6 months I have been running a 21K run every Sunday morning. Those runs have left me fine tuned for an intensive training before the day on the marathon.

Monday and Tueday

Rest Days


5K speed work on a running track.


7-8K road running at a high tempo


5K speed work


2K speed work at high tempo


21K slow Long run on a hilly route.  Long run may go up to 25 to 30Km

I have a full time day job, running a print shop, so my training will  have to be done early in the morning.

For my last two marathon I never incorporated speed work in my training but I have decided to incorporate the speed work in my program  after reading Lance  Armstrong training plan.

“If your goal is a fast race, do at least one, but ideally two, fast paced runs a week. These prolonged periods at a hard but sustainable intensity train your aerobic and muscular systems to run faster or longer before fatiguing.” Chris Carmichael, Lance Armstrong running coach.

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