My Running Mantra at 2008 StanChart Nairobi Marathon

For 2008 marathon I have chosen “Pain is only temporary, Keep  going”. I chose it because I will be attempting to run my first sub three hours marathon and I will need lots of perseverance to stick on my pace of 4 minutes per Km.

Elite Runners Mantra

Having a mantra during a marathon can help you get to the finish line. Even the pro have their’s, Kara Goucher 2008 NYC Marathon rookie, will rely on “Mind Over Mileage” to cross her first finish line, 26.2 miles away. While Paula Radcliffe will be chanting  “Concrete, Meet Courage,” as she returns to NYC to defend, to conquer.

Never underestimate the power of words. Just look at the rise of Barrack Obama, by mastering the perfect words he has charmed his way on a path to the white house.


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