My Result and Photos From 2008 Stanchart Nairobi Marathon

After 3 months of intensive training, I ran the 2008 Stanchart Nairobi marathon. In 2006 I ran my first marathon in a time of 3 hours 26 minutes. In 2007 I cut my Personal Best time by 20 minutes, and finished in a time of 3 hours 6 minutes.

Am happy to say this year I finished the marathon in a new personal best of 2 hours 54 minutes. My goal is to beat Lance Armstrong time of 2 hours 45 minutes, I didn’t do it this year but am on the way!!


According to marathon guide website, in 2007  only 6000 thousands runners out of 500,000  runners were able to run a 42K marathon in under 3 hours. Am happy to have finally joined this elite club!!!

6 thoughts on “My Result and Photos From 2008 Stanchart Nairobi Marathon

  1. Lisa

    That’s amazing! Your progress has been excellent. I really enjoyed your site through your training and learned lots that helped me with my own. Keep up the great work and looking forward to following you as you continue.

    Toronto, Canada

  2. paul

    Hey man, SPOT-ON and very impressive. I ran the half marathon in 2hrs 11. So honestly your timing is very impressive keep it up and all the best in your efforts

  3. Richard

    Congrats man! I did the half in 2:09. I’m training for the Lewa marathon. Anyone in Nairobi doing the same?

  4. nathaniel

    Hi Constantine, congratulations to your fast marathon times. Don’t worry soon you’ll beat Armstrong’s PR. By the way you picture is distorted, you look skinnier than you really are. You probably have to adjust some of the html settings.


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