My Heros of Running From 2008 Nairobi Marathon

I don’t think the guys who come in first are the only heros of running. Other heros are the guys who come in last.

After crossing the finish line of 2008 Stanchart Nairobi marathon in new personal best time of 2 hour 54 minutes, I stayed behind for hours and watched other runners cross the finish line. I saw determined runners cross the finish line 6 hours after the marathon started. Even after the roads had been opened, determined runners walked on the road side determined to get to the finish line.

This never say die spirit and determination to finish no matter how long you take is truly admirable.

In 1980 the Bishop of Pennsylvania during the 1908 London Games gave a sermon titled “The most important thing is not to win but to take part!” Today, this is the motto of Olympic games.

3 thoughts on “My Heros of Running From 2008 Nairobi Marathon

  1. steve

    I agree. I’m always inspired by the back-of-the-packers who put so much into a race and just keep on going.

    Nice post!


    PS How’s the recovery?

  2. Jerry

    this is very true. i still remember my first race i joined a year ago, that was 21k, the finish line was totally abandon by the race organizer, only few runners left in the finish area, the race organizer was busy with the awarding and here comes Noelle, who is physically deformed (perhaps down syndrome) run alone accompany by one marshal (i suppose he is the sweeper) approaching the finish line, raise his hand and shout upon reaching the finish line. no more water left, no more certificate or whatsoever… it was a touching moment to see his courage and determination to complete the race.

  3. Jacob Aliet

    Congratulations! I was running the half and improved by 20 minutes to finish in 1:42. I am aiming at a sub 1:30 next year then I will join you in the full in 2010. I maintain a running blog too and will link to your blog.
    Where do you train? Are you a member of a runners club? Oh, by the way, I thought Armstrong finished in 2:59? Which marathon did he finnish in 2:45?


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