My 2007 StanChart Nairobi Marathon

To see forward you sometimes need to look back.


As I prepare to run 2008 Stanchart Nairobi Marathon I decided to reflect on my experience at 2007 Stanchart Nairobi marathon. By looking back I hope to learn what I need do as a prepare for 2008 marathon.


The 2007 marathon was my second 42K marathon and my finishing time was 3 hours 6 minutes a big jump from my first marathon time of 3:26 but short of my target of a sub three hour marathon.


The Pre race night of  2007 Nairobi marathon


I couldn’t sleep so I spent part of the night watching re-runs of Prison Break.


Start of 2007 Nairobi Marathon


Being my second marathon I thought I would be more relaxed but instead I was anxious. I tried mental exercise to deal with the anxiety but the butterflies did not leave my stomach.


I remember I visited the loo three times and on my fourth visit, a guy in the loo confessed he had been there 10 times but he did not pass urine. Although I felt the urge to pee, every time I got inside the loo I did not pass urine. It seems I  was acting on a false signal.


My first 10K


My strategy was to to make it to the 30K mark in 2 hours and have 1 hour to coast the final 12K.The plan was to do a pace of 4 minute per Kilometre


At the 10K mark I checked my  wrist watch and it read 38 minutes. Ooh too fast. I slowed down for the next 10K stage.


20K mark


At the 20K mark my time showed 1 hour 25 minutes. To stay within my target I had to cover the next 10K in 35 minutes.  I tried to push hard and paid the price when I started getting stomach cramps.


At the 30K mark


My time was 2hours 12 minutes.  At the 35K mark I was losing my stamina and by now Lactic acid had built up in my legs and my calves were sore. I just kept jogging and back in my mind I knew I had to deffer my dream of a  sub three hours marathon.

I crossed the finished line in a time of 3  hours 6 minutes.I got my finisher’s medal and on my certificate I was placed as runner No. 196. Not bad in a marathon of 13,000 runners.

One thought on “My 2007 StanChart Nairobi Marathon

  1. Steve

    I predict you’re going to have a fantastic race – sounds like you know exactly what to do!

    Going too fast in the first 10k is a mistake even the best marathon runner makes.

    Good luck!



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