Marathons That Allow Running With an Ipod

Since the ban of wearing Ipods / headphones during marathon races, runners who love running with an ipod have been forced to find Ipod friendly marathons.

Which marathons can a runner run with an Ipod?

The following is a list of Ipod friendly marathons.

  1. Austin Marathon
  2. Big-D Texas Marathon
  3. Dallas White Rock Marathon
  4. Des Moines Marathon
  5. Green Bay Marathon
  6. Lake Tahoe Marathon
  7. Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon (Anchorage)
  8. Melbourne and Beaches Marathon (Florida)
  9. Miami Marathon
  10. OC Marathon (California)
  11. Portland, Marathon (Oregon)
  12. Richmond Marathon
  13. San Francisco Marathon
  14. Surf City Marathon (Huntington Beach, California)
  15. Tucson Marathon

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One thought on “Marathons That Allow Running With an Ipod

  1. pchieng

    I actually never ran a race with an iPod before, but that was only because I never had one when I used to race. Since it’s more mainstream these days, it’s more of an issue and I guess not all races allow you to use one. Thanks for the list!


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