Marathons In March 2008

This month, 60 marathons are set to happen across the world, 31 of them across USA. I have been looking at the following interesting marathons.

City Of Los Angeles Marathon on 3/02/08

This marathon has been in the News for the wrong reasons, not paying the price money on time, inability to get a sponsor, in short its broke! The most memorable news from last years edition was a story by a philipine runner of how her daughters race number and timing chip were stolen, they later discovered the thief went ahead to run the half marathon and was timed. With the race broke I dont see how security will improve this time.

Little Rock Marathon, Arkansas 3/02/08

This was the marathon made famous by Mike Huckabee, the Republican presidential candidate, he set a personal here of 4hrs 32 mins. He is skipping this years edition not because he is busy campaigning but because he is marathon training for next months Boston Marathon.

Easter Marathon Run Off, Olympia, 22/03/08.

Its on Easter weekend, great for a family Easter get away. They have an event for daddy, mummy the teens and even the little ones. The event consists of full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5K & 1mile. Every finisher gets an Easter Medal and trophy. See official Site

Nagoya International Women Marathon, Japan 9/03/08

This is a womens only affair. To run in it you need a qualifying time of 3hr 15mins. Ouch! thats steep. It must have a small field. On the official site they have this NOTICE “For contestants from Japan, please make sure to bring a health insurance policy.”

Two Oceans Marathon & Half Marathon, South Africa 22/03/08

Spend the Easter weekend in Cape Town, It looks a fabulous marathon from the photos I have seen on the official site. Its the only marathon were you get a view of both Indian Ocean and Atlantic ocean. Its not your ordinary marathon its a 56K ultra marathon. Last year one runner a Mr. Price Celtic had a dramatic finish when he suffered heat exhaustion and collapsed 50 meters to the finish. Despite the setbacks its a popular event since entries for 2008 have closed.

I will be keeping an eye on this events, make sure you check the blog for all the action and drama.

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