Lance Armstrong Marathon Training Plan

The dream for every marathon runner is to run a marathon under 3 hours. When Lance Armstrong announced he would be running his first marathon, the 2006  New York Marathon, his target was to run 26 miles under 3 hours.

Lance Armstrong Marathon Training Plan to Run Under 3 hours

You would expect someone who has the best training advisors in the world  to have a strategic plan on how to run. In an interview with runners world he confessed  “There was nothing scientific about his runs.”

He did a daily routine of Kayaking, swimming, riding and hitting the gym. As for running he used to run about 5 to 10 miles in a time of 45-60 minutes. His longest practice run was about 13 miles.

What Lance Learn’t  from Road Learning

He admitted on runners world interview “The hardest part was the pounding of running.” It gave Lance a lot of aches and pains in the Hips and you know where,… ankle joints.

On the day of 2006 ING New York Marathon, Together with Nike, Armstrong assembled a pace team consisting of well known runners Alberto Salazar, Joan Benoit Samuelson, and Hicham El Guerrouj to help him reach his goal time of 3 hours.

He struggled with shin splints but pushed through the last 5 miles (8.0 km) to come through at 2:59:36, finishing at position 856.

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