Interesting Marathon Races to Run In July

It’s yet another month and I checked on some interesting marathons that will be happening this month of July.

Marathons happening across US in July

1. Bad water ultramarathon happening on June 14 – 16

On the official website, this marathon claims to be recognized globally “as the world toughest foot race “Covering 135 miles (217km) non-stop from Death Valley to Mt. Whitney, CA, the Badwater Ultramarathon is the most demanding and extreme running race offered anywhere on the planet. This explains why the race has a small field of 90 runners. Running a 42K marathon is hardwork for me I can’t Imagine trying 217K!

Like one former participants told marathon guide website, “Dehydration, sleep deprivation and hallucinations are just some of the highlights you can anticipate.”

If you can’t run you can still take part by following the race through a live webcast on Bad water website 

 2. Grandfather Mountain Marathon Boone July 12

Apart from the unique name, what makes “grandpa marathon” unique is that it brings the old and the young, the rich and not so rich, the famous and not so famous together. All runners share dorm rooms at the local Appalachian state university.

Its held during the grandfather mountain highland games, One of the largest scottish games in America

Visit the official race website for results and information,

3. Kilauea Volcano Wilderness Run Hawaii USA, July 28

Organized by a dude who calls himself Wayne ‘Big Dog’ Joseph.  The Kilauea marathon is held inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. In addition to the marathon, it has a 10 mile run, 5 mile run and for those who cant run a 5 mile walk. All proceeds go towards supporting the volcano art center and local artisans.

One rule for participation is that, “Runners participating in the marathon should have trained on trails or participated in trail running events”

For registration and results visit official race website.

Marathon happening around the world

1. Fairland Valley challenge, Stevenage, UK July 20th

Nothing challenging about this race. Its organised by  fairland valley spartan running club. New members are always welcome at Fairlands Valley Spartans, irrespective of age, ability, form or fitness. The emphasis is on participation, support and fun.

For information, results and registration visit the official race website

 2. Great Tibetan marathon, Leh, ladakh India

The first thing that comes to my mind when I hear of Tibet is Dalai Lama.  If you want to experience buddhism, this is the place. The start of the marathon is blown on long Buddhist horns, instead of the traditional shot by a starting pistol, and all runners are blessed by Buddhist monks, who also serve as helpers along the way.

The date of this spiritual marathon is July 19 2008. Visit the official website at

 3. Gold Coast Airport marathon, Queensland, Australia, July 6th 

Most of the course runs alongside the ocean. The sea breeze generally blows across your body. The flat course makes it an ideal race for the first time marathon runner. They also have a half marathon and peoples favourite, a 10k run.

Like one runner commented on marathon guide website, “Expect to see true Aussie characters… drunk, sitting in yard chairs or sofas, and jeering on the runners. It struck me as funny”

For information, results go to the official race website.

If you want a list of more races happening around the world visit marathon guide dot com

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