How to Scare Stray Dogs When Running

At one time I decided to run through a forest, on the way I met a pack of dogs, five panting male dogs were chasing a female dog. The hapless female must have been on heat and the five male dogs were angling for a piece of action.

Once the dogs saw me they stopped and their menacing eyes zeroed on me. I felt my stomach twist, I slowed down and after I passed them they started barking. When I looked back… goodness!… two dogs were running after me. I stopped running, picked a stone and started shouting at the dog STOP! STOP! and throwing the stone.  The dogs stopped running at me and went back.

This idea of facing a dog head on I learnt from a friend who lived in  countryside and knew everything about animals.

Runners world magazine had an article on what to do when chased by a dog. Most commentators were in agreement that the best way to deal with a dog is to face it. Like one commentator put it,

“What we as runners and bikers see is a dog that is defending their turf and when we continue to run (away from the dog) they’re being empowered. To stop, face the dog, puff out your chest and challenge them from afar will likely keep them from chasing. Then don’t turn to continue your run until the dog turns away or loses interest. This means you’ve won!”

Other ideas for dealing with a dog were, Carry a paper spray or like one macho commentator said if things get worse SHOOT THE BEAST! yes, with a gun.




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