History of The Marathon

The word “marathon” has its roots in ancient Greece?

According to historians, during a Greek war, a soldier named Pheidippides ran from the town of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon. “Nikki!” was the word he yelled out upon arrival, which translates into the modern term “victory.” Yet, unfortunately, as soon as this word leapt from his lips, he fell to the ground and died giving new, literal meaning to the phrase “my job is killing me.”

The good news is that Pheidippides boss didn’t let his effort go unrecognized.

Like any great boss, the ruling government made sure that Pheidippides’ name went down in history. Pheidippides’ run from the town of Marathon to the city of Athens was acknowledged as the original marathon course. Then, some time later, a historic run was made from the bridge of Marathon to the Athens Olympic Stadium in his name. Yet, the biggest honor to Pheidippides is that marathons are still being run today!!

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