Have a “Quickie” Wedding at Las Vegas Marathon

The Las Vegas Marathon is promoted as “Only in Vegas” experience. It is the only marathon in the world with a  run through wedding chapel,

Last year 55 couples got a taste of the world famous “quickie” wedding at Vegas when they tied the knot at the chapel located at Mile 5 Run-Thru Wedding Chapel.The 3 minute ceremony was led by Pastor Jamie Firzlaff, who stopped to perform the ceremony while running the Half Marathon.

Other unique features at Las Vegas marathon are  hundred of Elvis Wannabes and music performances in secret locations on the course. This is one marathon were you can never be bored!

If you are a hardcore runner and plan to tie the knot this year, you can do it at Las vegas marathon. For the married, the organisers provide an opportunity to  renew your vows. This year’s  marathon will take place on 7th December  2008 and You can register at the official Las Vegas marathon site.

2007 Men’s winner Christopher Cheboiboch of Kenya summed up “Only in Vegas Experience” when he said “This city is a desert, but I ran in paris today, I saw New York. It’s amazing to come here for the first time, then win the race.”

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