Foods To Avoid Before Running.

Am always experimenting with different ideas that can make me a better runner. I have discovered eating a banana just before your run can do more harm than good. This was surprising because I know fruits are rich in sugar which provides energy for muscles.

I ate a banana before my yesterday, regular Sunday morning half marathon training. My thinking was that the sugar from the banana would give me an energy boost.

After 30 minutes of running I started feeling like a stone was inside my stomach. Something heavy was inside my stomach and made me feel uncomfortable. When one is running your whole body is shaking, the stomach and the intestines are moving from one side to another. This shaking makes it impossible for any digestion to take place and the poor banana was stuck inside the stomach.

Since no digestion took place I never got the expected energy boost. I just persevered running with the discomfort until my mind forgot about it.

Other foods I never eat just before running.

Bread, although I know bread is one of the carbon loading food, I have discovered eating it just before your run, leaves’ you feeling like a stone is inside your stomach, just like the banana. Bread is best eaten at least 3 hours before road running.

Fruits, orange, passion fruit, the juice is great but when you start running it leaves your throat irritated, dry and makes you feel thirsty.

If you have a food that you avoid eating before a run, share with me?

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