Effects of Travel on Body

My last sunday morning run was affected by my travels to watch Kenya soccer team play Zimbabwe. After spending a four hours bus ride on Saturday I woke up on Sunday morning feeling exhausted and I felt tempted to put off my morning run.

But for me a sunday is never a sunday without running just like my mother who a sunday is never a sunday without attending mass.   Every time I talk with my mother on the phone she has never hidden her displeasure with my choice to spend sunday morning road running. She would rather have me singing in church but I politely remind her I don’t know how to sing!

Effects of Travel

I first did a few stretches and hit the road. I normaly take a mile to get my lungs to adjust to running but this time my panting was heavier than normal and my legs felt heavy. I thought of stopping the run and walk back home but instead I decided to jog and see what would happen.

It was after 45 minutes of running that the panting disappeared and running got easy.

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