Easy Marathons For Beginner Runner : First Timer Marathon Races

With hundreds of marathons held around major cities in the US not all marathons are the same. Some marathons are harder than others and some are easy to run.A good example is Boston marathon, even without its requirement for proof of running a previous marathon, the hilly boston route would be handful for a marathon newbie.

Most beginners choose to run nearer home but if you are an adventure seek you can choose a marathon from a different city. In choosing a marathon to run a beginner should ask is the course flat or hilly.

If your goal is an easy marathon, I think you may benefit from US Airways article that listed some easy marathon across US.

Writer Larry Olmsted had a few simple criteria for choosing his first marathon: good weather, a flat course, a fun atmosphere and a high volume of registrants to lower his chances of coming in last!!!!!!

Easy beginners marathon

These were some of the marathon listed.

1. Honolulu Marathon – It was the writers no one pick because of a flat course

2. Chicago Marathon -Flat course but beware, the marathon has a history of horrible weather on Dday.

3. Marine Corps Marathon

4. Twin Cities marathon – Down side of this marathon is Leave your iphone home, ear phones are banned from twin cities.

5. Las Vegas marathon – It is the only marathon in the world where you can run and get married. For those married they can renew their wedding vows.

2 thoughts on “Easy Marathons For Beginner Runner : First Timer Marathon Races

  1. CoachTief

    My cousin ran the 1/2 marathon at Las Vegas. He said it was great there because it wasn’t too hot and there is no humidity. Perfect running weather. His mouth got dry a bit but there were enough water stations.

  2. wanderlustlass

    What about the Miami marathon? Isn’t it a flat good course for a beginner?
    I don’t see it mentioned on any of these pages.


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