Catherine Shocked! : Wasn’t Aware Tomescu was Ahead of her

My local daily has an interview with Catherine Ndereba after she won the silver medal at Beijing Women Olympics. Catherine confessed she wasn’t aware that the gold winner, Romanian Constatina Tomescu was ahead of her.

When she entered the stadium she thought the only marathoner ahead of her was the Chinese Zhou Chunxiu. But when she looked ahead she saw Constatina Tomescu crossing the finish line. She was surprised but it was already to late. How did that happen?

I watched the race on TV and I remember Ndereba ran behind the leading pack. When Tomescu sprinted ahead at around 25K mark Ndereba couldn’t see her run away because her vision was blocked by runners ahead of her.

She sweared if she had seen Tomescu sprint ahead she would have stepped her game.

When asked if she was disappointed  with her second Olympic silver she said “Not at all, there is nothing like disappointment in my vocabulary!”

At 36 has Ndereba best chance for Olympic gold passed her? I don’t think so. Tomescu 38 is now the oldest female Olympic marathon winner and she looks like the energizer bunny. Something else that might inspire Ndereba is to look at the large  number of  Old athletes  competing at this year’s Beijing Summer Olympics. Keep in mind Israel marathoner, Haile Satayin at 53 will be the oldest marathon runner at the start of the men Beijing Olympic marathon.

If she works hard and health permits, she will have a chance to fight another day in London Olympics 2012.

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