Boston Marathon : 16 Week Training Plan

A good marathon training plan will get you to the starting line in the best fitness and the most rested state possible. A good training plan means hard work without over training. The organisers of boston marathon provide all their runners with a detailed 16 weeks marathon training plan.

Details of Boston Marathon training plan.

Weekly mileage

For the veteran runners they are advised to run weekly mileage of between 60-70 miles while the rookie runners 40-60 miles.

Weekly workouts

A typical weekly workout should be like this

Monday – rest day

Tuesday – Interval running 8-10 miles

Wednesday – Road running 5 – 8 miles

Thursday – Tempo run 8 – 11 miles

Friday – Road running  4 – 7 miles

Saturday – Easy run 6 – 9 miles

Sunday – The long run 13 – 16 miles

Runners can downlaod a full detailed plan at boston athletics association

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