Best Race To Qualify for Boston Marathon

If you are planning to qualify for Boston marathon you need to choose a marathon that can give you the best chance to beat Boston marathon qualifying times.

Top 6 Boston Marathon Qualifying Races – Most Qualifiers 2007

According to marathon guide website, who do this kind of research, the races that have the most Boston Marathon qualifiers are:

1. New York marathon – In 2007,  4,342 runners of the 38,000 runners qualified for Boston marathon.

2. Philadelphia marathon – In 2007, 1,369 runners out of the tiny field of 6,600 runners made it for Boston marathon.

3. Marine Corps Marathon. – In 2007, 1,310 runners made qualified  for Boston marathon

4. St. George marathon – In 2007 – 1,280 runners from a tiny field of 5,155 runners qualified for Boston marathon.

5. California International marathon– In 2007, Its another small marathon that saw 1,223 runners qualify for boston marathon.

6. Chicago marathon – This is the most popular marathon for runners seeking to qualify for Boston marathon. The course is the flatest of the top marathons. Despite the horrible hot weather at 2007 edition, where one runner died of heat exhaustion, 1,100 determined runners qualified for Boston marathon.

These courses will undoubtedly be among those ranked the fastest of all courses – but there are other factors that will determine your finishing time.


Bad weather will slow your pace even on the flatest course, 2007 Chicago marathon is a good example.

Marathon Training.

A flat course wont help a runner who doesn’t train hard. The best way to qualifier for Boston is to train hard.

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  1. Norm

    The runner who died in 2007 Chicago Marathon had a heart problem (mitral valve prolapse). The race was unbelievably hot but the runner didn’t die from heat exhaustion. This was confirmed by an autopsy.


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