Ban of Ipod From Marathon Running

In a step to make marathon running fair, the IAAF banned the use of headphones in championship events. The IAAF Ipod ban was intended to prevent athletes from receiving information via radio about the whereabouts of their rivals. The ban is not limited to the elite but everyone running a marathon.

Risk of Running with Headphones

I cant imagine running with headphones, with headphones on your ears you cant hear an oncoming car and if you are in a marathon event you cant even hear the cheering of the spectators. Not many runners share my opinion, a large  number of runners love to run a marathon with an Ipod.

A handful of U.S. races have actively enforced the ban. But most have ignored it. One opponent of the ban is  Tracy Sundlan, whose Elite Racing event management firm puts on the the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series.  She believes the ban wasn’t well thought out and could simply end up driving away customers for race organizers large and small.

Cracking the whip on Ipod

Some organizer have decided to get tough one event is Twin Cities Marathon whcih disqualified 176 runners from last year’s race for wearing headphones.

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