A Cure For Laziness

How many times have you thrown your Saturday morning running plan out of the window in favour of an extra two hours of sleep? Being lazy seems to be wired in our DNA.

Yesterday morning I was in dilemma to run or not to run. I had a good sleep but immediately I woke up I started thinking of the hill runs ahead. The more I pictured  myself panting hard on the hills and my ankles in pain, the more I told myself “I can do the run next Sunday.”

Another part of me was telling me, “you just have to run because it is the only you will achieve your goal of running a marathon under three hours” What finally convinced me to throw away the blankets was the memory of an article I read in Psychology Today magazine, “A CURE FOR LAZINESS”

History of Laziness

The article explained how laziness has evolved over time. Our ancestors focused on survival, here and now. But as the world got affluent, we got comfortable. We no longer have the urgency to tackle things immediately. We dream, postpone and tell ourselves “I’ll do it tomorrow”

5 Cures for Laziness

How can we defeat our bad habit of “I”ll do it tommorrow” the magazine had 5 simple ideas.

1. Start Small

If you think running 10 k is too much, start by running around the block.

2. Challenge Yourself

Dispute the idea that you cant do it. often we learn by trial and error, and if you take a long-range view, you’ll find that you can do something difficult.

3. Keep Tabs

Write out your goals daily. we are more likely to stick to our plans if we monitor our progress toward a goal.

4. Commit to others

Tell your friends about your goals. The pressure of expectation from your friends will drive you.

5. Reward Yourself

Relaxation differs from laziness in that it is a reward for a completed task. Let yourself relax after a period of sustained effort.

There you have, go and do that run you have been postponing.


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