5 Things that Could Go Wrong at Beijing Summer Olympics

If you are planning to travel to Beijing Summer Olympics this August I think you need to have a look at a post by Slate website, A disaster guide for the Beijing Summer Olympics. The article is well over the top but I enjoyed it for it’s entertainment value.

This is what I think about some of the issues mentioned in the post.

1. Pollution

In April the head of design at Asics sports visited Beijing to survey the marathon route when he was asked about the Beijing air “I couldn’t see beyond 150 meters” he said. But the report coming from Beijing is that, chemical plants will be shut down, construction projects frozen and half the cars ordered off the road. Even Ethiopian Haile Gebreselassie who withdrew from the marathon due to pollution fears seems to appreciate the progress Beijing is making. He recently requested to be included in the Ethiopian marathon team but his request was politely turned down.

2. Tibet

Olympic games celebrate humanity, Beijing should do the unexpected, invite Dalai Lama to Beijing Summer Olympics.

2. Terrorism

China is good in many things, one of them is dealing with trouble makers.

3. Rain

There are fears of a down pour.  The government plans to stop the rain by firing silver iodide rockets into the sky in the hope of wringing water from the clouds before they soak the opening ceremony. If China has invented a technology to control rain they should share it with Africa to solve the problem of floods.

4. Visa Issue

To travel to China you require to present invitation letters, airline tickets, proof of hotel arrangement.  This is one reason why anyone planning to travel to Beijing Summer games needs to plan early.

5. Food.

Dog meat has been taken off the menu, so no one should worry being served dog meat passing  as beef. But if you want to experience the Chinese culture you can have a cut of dog meat. Chinese have eaten dog meat for centuries and it has never made them grow a tail.

To everyone travelling to Beijing Summer Olympics “See it! Feel it! Be it!”

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