Samuel Wanjiru Death

The death of Olympic Marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru has left more questions as to the actual cause of his death.

Samuel Wanjiru died after a fall from a second-floor balcony during a domestic dispute involving his wife and another woman, officials said Monday.

Samuel Wanjiru Suicide Theory

Initial police report was that the 24-year-old Wanjiru committed suicide, but the local police who interrogated every one at the scene said he jumped to stop his wife from leaving the house after she discovered him with another woman.

With Kenyan police having a history of mediocre investigation, it will be hard to know what killed the Champ.

Should we blame Samuel Wanjiru mother?

The first time Wanjiru disagreed with the wife, the wife blamed her mother in-law. Now, Kenya Daily Nation has an interesting story about Wanjiru mother. It appears that the mother had turned out to be a bad influence in Wanjiru’s life. The same day he died and the mum comes dragging in 2 other wives? Begs the question, is she the one who wanted Triza out?. Read Story in Nation.

4 thoughts on “Samuel Wanjiru Death

  1. Stephen Mukangai

    Wanjiru’s death is abig blow to Kenya as anation. Rest in peace Wanjiru. We loved you but God lovesd you so much.

  2. ann

    so sad! lets stop pointing fingures he is gone that is the painful truth,and we have to accept it.nobody killed him but his arrogance (men respect your wives) my condolences to the family members and especially the wife i would hate to be in her place and with such a mother in-law(am sorry) i dont think hell is worse. be strong Triza!

  3. Ann

    we choose our friends but not our his mother: i would hate to have a mother like u, i totally blame ufor your son’s death u were not a mother to him u failed him and look at what you have done to your own son and you are still doing it now he is dead and to the other two women you just women who represnt the rotten ones in the society who have no respect for family or what it represnts remember what goes around comes around. and Nduta shame on you! how do you go to a married man’s house and sleep in his matrimonial bed and the wife finds you and you continue sitting in her house are you that thick or you just stupid! he promised he would marry you what has he done for you the few months you were together. Trizah on the other hand i agree u were pissed off but you didnt handle the situation like a wife should women should stand by their husbands try to hide the dirty linen stand by your man and if you cant walk away which is what you should have done after the incident but chose to stay. Ur handling the situation was immature

  4. Sock Runner

    That is quite a puzzling story. So he jumped to stall his wife from leaving, but why in that fashion? Such a depressing story to read, especially since his athletic prowess was so bright.


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