Pres. Bush Impressive Reflex Mastery & Developing Visual Skills In Sports

The news story of the weekend was the shoe throwing incident in Baghdad. George Bush was giving a press conference when an irate Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at the American president, not once but twice.

I watched the clip on CNN and I have to say President Bush has good reflexes!! The way he ducked the first shoe was brilliant. The shoe thrower did not give a warning and threw it fast but Bush was quick to take cover. To do that you need excellent visual skills of eye-body coordination.

Develop Visual Skills

According to an article on wikipedia, reflexes such as those of President bush may be trained, such as during repetition of motor actions during sport practice.

Sir Clive Woodward the former coach of England rugby team credited visual techniques for his team winning the 2003 Rugby world cup. After being appointed team coach,  Woodward brought in ex-South African international hockey player Sherylle Calder as a “visual awareness coach”.  Her work made the team improve in passing and performance.

Areas of focus in visual skills training include;

Sports Vision – Giving You The Visual Advantage

Dynamic Visual Acuity – which allows you to see objects clearly while in motion.

Eye Tracking – the ability to “keep your eyes on the ball,” no matter how fast it may be traveling.

Eye Focusing – changing focus quickly and accurately from one distance to another

Peripheral Vision – seeing people and objects “out of the corner of your eye” while concentrating on a fixed point.

Fusion Flexibility and Stamina – the ability to keep both eyes working together even under high speed, physically stressful situations.

Depth Perception – quickly and accurately judging the distance and speed of objects.

Visualization – picturing events with your “mind’s eye” or imagination. Studies show that when you visualize yourself performing a particular activity, your brain doesn’t know the difference between performing the activity or visualizing. Visualization can boost your confidence and aid in greater focus on your athletic goals.

Remember If you are not seeing well, your reaction time is slower and that may impact on your overall performance

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