Aserne Wenger on How to Find Talent

Asernal football team has riches of young talented footballers. While many top English premier league team prefer to buy proven footballers, Aserne Wenger seems to have this canny ability to find young talented footballers.

Wenger Philosophy in Finding Football Talent

In an article I read in the BBC football, the frenchman believes it is either you have talent or don’t ….”Wenger says if a player doesn’t have the technical ability by the time he is
14, if he doesn’t have the physical capability by 16 or 17, the tactical ability
by the time he is 18 or 19 then he will never make a really good footballer.


2 thoughts on “Aserne Wenger on How to Find Talent

  1. sir

    thats great young blood is needed . how can aclub , country be ruled by old guys alone. AC Milan are now feuding giants becoz they overrelyng with old guys . Zimbabwe is also collapsing becoz of old age of its leaders . welldone wenger . Wenger for life.


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