Poor Planning For Kenya at Edinburgh Cross country.

The Coach of Kenya Cross Country Team has blamed Kenya runners loss to Ethiopia runners at Edinburgh Cross Country on Cold weather and the muddy course. Coach Kirwa made the remarks on arrival at Jomo Kenyatta Airport. The only people to receive the team were the pressmen, who made life more difficult for the kenya cross country team by asking why they lost!

Poor Kenya Team Strategy

The kenya cross country team focused too much training on altitude training. If Coach Kirwa  had cared to look at Edinburgh environment and terrain it was obvious the course was going to be muddy.  The Kenya team should have done more running on mud.

The Cold weather

The team trained at Kigari Training Camp located in a country side town called Embu. I live in Embu and I have to say this is not the coldest place in Kenya. If the team had trained in Nyahururu town, a much colder training area, we would not have had the runners complain how cold Edinburgh was.

The coaches put the team on a false plan. Kenyan runners need better coaching if they are going to compete with Ethiopian runners.  

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