Paul Tergat Training You Tube Video

Paul Tergat has been involved in some famous sprint finishes, my favourite is his victory on November 6, 2005, when he won the New York City Marathon in a thrilling sprint finish through New York’s Central Park, prevailing over defending champion Hendrick Ramaala 2:09:29.90 to 2:09:30.22.

How does Tergat do that?

An answer to that question can be found by watching a you tube video of how the man trains.

One thought on “Paul Tergat Training You Tube Video

  1. Wayne

    Constantine…..I ran in the 2005 NYC Marathon and from 18 miles in, I heard the crowd talk about the photo finish between Tergat and Ramaala. It wasn’t until after showering and heading down to the ESPN Zone where I met up with a marathon volunteer for dinner that I had a chance to see the highlights. Fortunately, I taped the NBC highlight show and still watch it from time to time.

    It was truly amazing and was one for the ages! Take care and hope everything’s well with the running. – Wayne


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