Paul Tergat Back at 2008 NYC Marathon

Paul Tergat will be running at 2008 New York marathon. He just finished second at last week Lisbon half marathon.That will give him confidence going to New York Marathon.

I doubt whether the old warrior has the endurance to compete at high level. At 39 years of age he seems to have been edged out by new young distance runners from Kenya. Just look at the ages of Kenya marathon team at Beijing Olympics.

1. Martin Lel – 30 Yrs

2. Robert Cheruiyot – 30 Yrs.

3. Samuel Wanjiru (Olympic Gold Medal winner)- 21 Yrs

Back in May he finished 19th at Bangalore 10K, the Indian National daily termed his performance “a forgettable 19th”

But 2008 has been the year old athletes got back their groove. Romanian Constantina Tomescu 38 won Gold in the womens Olympic marathon and in the pool American swimmer Dara Torres won silver at ripe age of 41 years. Old is gold!!

One thought on “Paul Tergat Back at 2008 NYC Marathon

  1. Wayne

    Constantine, great that Paul Tergat is running NYC. I had a chance to meet him at the expo. Great runner and great human being!


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