Lance Get’s Carried Away At Boston Marathon as Cheruiyot Wins

Robert Cheruiyot win at 2008 Boston Marathon means a Kenya runner has won 16 of the last 18 Boston Marathon.


Cheruiyot, 29, beat runner-up Abderrahime Bouramdane of Morocco by a wooping 1 minute 18 seconds. The gulf in time between the the winner and second place finisher is telling of what it takes to win what is arguably the toughest marathon.

Unlike 2008 London Marathon where we saw Martin Lel of Kenya sprint to the finish line, Cheruiyot slogged to the  finish. He reminded me how I finished my finished my first marathon, thirsty and breathless.

What makes boston marathon difficult is the four hills on the course. The last hill fittingly called “Heartbreak hill” is located at around 21 mile mark. This is the point where most athletes hit the wall. Just when your body is running out of glycogen you are faced with a hill!!!

This is a race that a runner needs a lots of stamina to do well. Ability to run fast won’t do here. The best way prepare for Boston is to do lots and lots of hill runs.

Lance Armstrong 2008 Boston Marathon

Lance Armstrong, finished the 112th Boston Marathon in 2:50:58, placing 488th out of more than 25,000 runners.  His  time was 5  minutes behind  his  2007 New York Marathon  time  2:45 . He blamed his inability to beat his time on getting carried away with excitement. According to “he pushed the pace a bit too hard in the middle of the Boston race, mostly due to the excitement of being there and ended up paying for it in the final four to five miles.”

Armstrong, running together with 50 Livestrong ‘teammates,’ was raising funds and awareness for his Lance Armstrong Foundation, known around the world as Livestrong.

Armstrong said he plans to run the New York City Marathon again this fall.


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