Catherine Ndereba Marathon Training Plan

Catherine the great has been one of the most consistent Kenyan runners. She is a four-time winner of the Boston Marathon. She has run 12 sub-2:26 performances and three sub-2:20s in her career. Runner’s World ranked her the No. 1 Runner of the Year for five years.

In an interview with running times magazine she revealed the secret to her longevity in the sport. Her training plan has been designed to avoid over training and fatigue.

Weekly Training Milage 

Catherine  runs 75 to 90 miles per week. “This way I can keep my body fresh, and recovered,” she reasons.

Interval Training 

Long repeats with short recoveries. Short recoveries are a hallmark of Kenyan training. She does 1K repeats

Run fast one day, slow the next day

On easy days her pace does not creep any faster than 7 minute per mile–slow considering her 5:17 per-mile PR marathon pace.  On easy days, if you start pushing then the next day you cannot give 100 percent.

The long run. 

She does easy speed up to 22 to 23 miles maximum.

Her philosphy is run hard, rest easy

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  1. Steve

    Hi Constantine,
    I’m huge fan of Catherine Ndereba. She is not only a great runner but also seems like she is a great person. Have you read the book “More Fire: How to Run the Kenyan Way” by Toby Tanser? I just finished the book (and hope to get a review of it up on my blog very soon) and really enjoyed. There is a bunch of great background information on Catherine and many other Kenyan runners. – Steve


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