As Price of Crude falls, Bahrain Fails to Pay Imported Kenyan Athletes

Kenyan runners who have migrated to Bahrain are disparately seeking to return to Kenya.

The headline story today in Kenya  newspapers is the plight of Gregory Konchellah who has fallen on hard times as the Gulf State fails to pay his salaries. The man is now holed up in Ethiopia while negotiating to get back his Kenyan Citizenship.

It is estimated that over 40 athletes from Kenya have changed nationality and now run  for Bahrain. Bahrain government has used its petro dollars to lure Kenyan athletes to run for Bahrain.

I suspect the reason why the Bahrain government is now refusing to pay the athletes has something to do with the price of oil.  When a barrel of oil was selling at above 100 dollars this guys had plenty of cash and they bought running talent from Kenya, the price of oil has fallen and now money is tight.

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