Running Story of the Year 2007

The story of the runner who broke her leg and crawled to the finish is the best running story I read in 2007.

Claire Markwardt’s horrific fall in the final stretch of the Ohio state high school cross country championship was full of courage and perseverance.

Nothing heroic about falling in a race, but when you fall and crawl the final 45 feet to the finish line, you are a hero.

According to media reports, the horrific drama unfolded, as she entered the stadium at Columbus’ Scioto Downs, with about 400 meters to go, “she heard her left leg crack, she thought it was just a simple muscle pull and kept running” because, as she says “There was a runner from one of our rival schools right in front of me, and I kept staring at the back of her jersey and pushing myself to catch her.”But some 200 meters later, Markwardt heard the leg crack again and she then fell down infront of the crowds. One of Markwardt’s teammates, unaware of what had happened, encouraged her to get up. She tried, using her right leg. But as soon as she shifted weight to the left, the loudest crack yet came. She just couldnt stand on her feet. “At that point, I knew what had happened. I knew my leg was broken pretty badly. And I knew I couldn’t get up again. So I started crawling,” she said.

In today’s world where so many are uninspired or give up too easily Claire is really awesome and unique.

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