Running Cleans a Drug Addict

Running a marathon for the first time can be like when you first dipped your fingers in a sugar jar and licked the sugar. It was the beginning of an addiction.

One recovering drug addict  ran L. A Marathon last year, he loved it so much, in the process of training he discovered how marathon running can help cure his drug addiction.

According to an article on L.A Times  “Doty, 18, was a drug addict at 15. He got clean after completing a rehabilitation program at the Dream Center, a nonprofit Los Angeles organization that provides food, shelter, clothing, education and job training to inner-city residents.

He weighed 320 pounds before fellow Dream Center residents persuaded him to train for last year’s marathon. He started last Sunday’s City of Los Angeles marathon 225 pounds, running with about 15 other kids and adults from the center.

“I love it because it’s a good addiction,” Doty said. “I found something I love to do.”

I wish Doty well in his new love interest.

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