Dara Torres: Old Athletes Competing at Beijing Summer Olympics

Every Saturday morning I pick a copy of Newsweek and Time Magazine from my newspaper vendor. This week, Newsweek cover story is about Chinese and their inferiority complex (I thought they were proud and confident!). Time has a cover photo of American swimmer Dara Torres with a line “at 41 years old she is faster than ever.”

Swimmer, Dara Torres age made me look at some of the old athletes at this month’s Beijing summer olympics. Although Olympics games celebrate youth and vitality there is a large number of athletes at Beijing summer Olympics who have refused to grow old.



1. 67 year old Japanese Hiroshi Hoketsu, to Compete at Beijing summer Olympics

Hiroshi Hoketsu competed in the 1964 Tokyo Olympics and will be competing again in this years Beijing Olympics aged 67.

His age mates will be at home seated in front of a TV about for this green horse Jumper “I want to go as high as possible,” he said after the Japan Equestrian Federation announced he will be competing in the team dressage. “I feel relieved. If you have a goal, you can stay young. It would be good if people of my generation feel the same.”

2. 60 Years Old Australian Laurie Lever

Another horse jumper from down under. If Japanese Hiroshi will need someone to talk about the 60s, (The beatles and the cold war) then Lever will offer great company.

3. Haile Satayin 53 yrs Old Israel runner will be the oldest marathon runner at Beijing summer Olympics

At 53 years old Satayin will be the oldest runner at the start of Beijing marathon. If you think Haile Satayin is too old to run at this level, keep in mind that 4 years ago at Athens Olympics marathon the man was finisher No. 20. His personal best time for a marathon is 2 hours, 14 minutes, and 21 seconds at a competition in Venice in 2003. Read Haile Satayin training programme.

4. 41 Year Old Dara Torres, American swimmer

She was there 1984, 1988, 1992, 2000, and now 2008. On August 1st, 2007 at the age of 40 (just 15 months after giving birth to her first child), she won gold in the 100 meter freestyle at the U.S. Nationals. 26 years after she first set the American 50m freestyle record at just 15 years old.

5. 38 Years Old David Kimutai, Kenya Race walker

Kenya Olympic squad will be one of the youngest at the summer games, the youngest athletes is 18 years old Pamela Jelimo, favorite to win 800m Gold. One odd member will be David Kimutai who will celebrate his 38th birthday on 16th August. In an interview with a local TV station, the Air force officer insisted he is not just another tourist, but he will try to win one of the three medals.

6. 38 year Old Mark Foster from Great Britain

The oldest member of Great Britain swimming team. Has won 47 major international medals in remarkable career, but no Olympic Games medals. Will this be his time?

Growing old doesn’t mean you have to be sick, bored and unfulfilled.

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  1. myironshoes

    thanks for sharing all this little tidbits of information. They are fun to read and certainly makes the olympic events far more interesting to watch.

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